St. George’s Church seeks to draw diverse people into it’s Community to encounter God

St George’s is defined by its demography insofar as the majority of our members work in the corporate and academic environments.

We therefore operate more like a business and present the ministry of the church in terms of strategic initiatives and measurable implementations.

Beneath this operating model, we are an intellectually informed and spiritually mature community who value the liturgical heritage of Anglicanism in South Africa. At the same time, we look to the future with informed vision and therefore regard receptivity to the necessity of transformation as key. As this process of transformation unfolds, the virtues of compassion and Godliness must pervade the integrity of our future character.

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St George's Turning Point Foundation

The Foundation partners with training organisations to assist young people from disadvantaged backgrounds obtain marketable skills, with an emphasis on providing practical assistance that other donors typically do not provide.

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