A season of creation 

We are all in a better space as the pandemic abates. This does not negate that Covid-19 is around, but it seems like optimism is a powerful remedy in the fight against the coronavirus. St George’s has experienced change at an accelerated pace. There have been staff changes, many new parishioners, extensive alterations to the garden to create spaces of reflection and public gatherings, and pioneering ways of building St George’s global community. It is thanks to the parish’s forward-looking culture that we achieved so much. We cannot stop now taking risks, and the subsequent responsibilities, to be a viable church.

Parish birthday

St George’s is 118 years old this year. It is also the centenary celebration of the Diocese of Johannesburg. Being one of the oldest parishes in the city, St George’s has always played an important role in shaping the social history of Johannesburg, being pastoral and prophetic. Taking a step back to gain perspective of our place in time offers a valuable sense of identity and purpose. We want to celebrate the amazing place, community, and institution that is St George’s, Parktown.

Sunday 9 October is the parish birthday party. Please join us for the celebratory Eucharist service at 9:00, and afterwards for concerts, an extended time of fellowship, and even some fun competitions. There will be exhibitions of the various ministries, explaining how you can get involved. The day also marks the official welcoming of the Houghton community after they have joined and enhanced the ministry at St George’s. More details regarding the day’s program will be sent. Please invite your friends for this special occasion to celebrate one of the Johannesburg’s significant churches.

Getting involved

The birthday celebration is chiefly about being in the present moment and strategically looking forward. The celebration is exemplifying the optimism that affirms the culture of growth, and for that, we need you to join in.

The global economic situation threatens to dampen the optimism and set us back to a state of despair and inaction. However, as we operate from a point of hope and realism, we seek to best use our resources to ensure the organizational sustainability of the parish. One way is to better utilize our property. We seek to upgrade and repurpose some of our ample space as potential rental space, which will provide an additional source of income. This will only be supplemental, as we remain chiefly dependent on the financial donations and charitable giving of those who participate and regard St George’s their spiritual community that needs to be looked after.

 Now is a great opportunity for every parishioner to step forward and to get involved in the life of St George’s, whether it is through volunteering as a sides-person, joining a social outreach project, or feeling drawn to fund a cause, like one of our infrastructure or discipleship programs. Let us all be part of the continuing legacy of St George’s.


Rev Eben

September 2022