Congratulations on your engagement.  We would like to help you on your journey towards your marriage and trust that the following directions will be helpful.

Conditions are listed below. Please read these carefully and sign this document indicating your compliance:


  1. Complete and submit this form to the Parish Office.
  2. Please note that if an events company or wedding planner is organising your wedding, they must also read and sign this form. Any breach of the conditions listed below may result in the cancellation of your wedding and additional costs being charged to you.
  3. Should you be granted permission to get married at St George’s, the date and time of your wedding will then be secured in the Church diary.
  4. Should you want to make use of the Church Organ, you will need to contact the Church Organist to decide on processionals, hymns, and any other musical requests.
  5. You will need to contact our St George’s florist who will advise you regarding your floral preferences. The two main bouquets behind the High Altar may only be arranged by our designated Church florists – you may not do these yourself. Furthermore, as part of the agreement, you donate these bouquets to the church for our use on the Sunday services following your wedding. Take note that under no circumstances may the two bouquets behind the High Altar be removed. Additional flower arrangements may be added either by our florist or by your own florist, but all these must be removed immediately after your wedding. Please note that you may not bring any of your own floral arrangements into the church without consulting our florists first.
  6. You will need to book a rehearsal date with your minister or priest.
  7. You will need to pay the full amount due for all costs associated with your wedding one month before your wedding. If you are late for your wedding (more than 15 minutes) additional costs will be levied to pay the organist, bellringers, choir, and security guards as per your booking.
  8. We allow photographers and videographers into the wedding service. Free standing lights are not permitted, but camera flash may be used. Please inform your photographers to consult the priest/minister before the service for rules regarding their conduct.
  9. Paper confetti, seeds, rice or any other kind of material is not allowed on church property. You may only use fresh flower petals as confetti and only outside of the church. No petals may be sprinkled in the church on the carpets or floors.
  10. No furniture of fittings of any kind in the church may be replaced or moved.
  11. No Prayer Books, Bibles, or hymnals may be moved in the church.
  12. No notices, posters, brochures, or pamphlets, not matter where they are situated, may be moved or removed from the church.
  13. The use of any additional candles in the church must be safety checked and protective bases must be placed under candles (even if they are supposedly dripless). No candles may be placed on floors or carpets.
  14. No nails, pins, tacks, tape or Prestik may be stuck to any furniture or walls in the church (Posies for the pews along the isle may be hung over the ends of the pews).
  15. The High Altar is reserved for the sacraments. It is therefore not a decorative table and no decorations or flower arrangements may be put on the High Altar. A single nuptial candle may be placed in the centre of the altar if a candle lighting ceremony forms part of the wedding service.
  16. St George’s does not host wedding receptions and no loud music may be played in the church, hall or garden. You may serve drinks in the garden or hall after your wedding, but this should not last for more than one hour and an additional charge is due for such occasions. In such instances, it is your responsibility to have the premises cleaned and tidied before 17h30.
  17. Please understand that St George’s is a Heritage Site and that much of its interior furnishings and adornments are antique. It is expected that the property, and all its fittings and furnishing will be treated with utmost care and respect. Any abuse, neglect, or damage to St George’s property will be billed to you and may result in legal action.
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Details of the Proposed Marriage

(Please check the church schedule for available dates and times BEFORE inserting your choice)

Popi Act: We respect your right to privacy and therefore aim to ensure that we comply with the legal requirement of the POPI Act which regulates the manner in which we collect, process, store, share and destroy any personal information which you have provided to us.