Donations & Dedicated Giving

Covid-19 Donations

We are now in the midst of the most significant disruption to our normal worship schedule in a lifetime, a disruption that unfortunately does little to alleviate the pressures of fixed costs on the parish coffers. Further, we have been forced to incur certain extra costs in the production of online services for our main congregation and youth ministry during this time. Our request to you, therefore, is to please continue your already generous support to the extent your individual budgets allow to support the work of our ministry team, now available both for our congregation and the broader online community as well.

Banking Details

Standard Bank
Name: Parktown St George
A/C No: 200481606
Branch Code: 000355


  1. Follow the quick setup instructions and enter the necessary card details.
  2. Scan the code ← from your SnapScan app or from the code card at the back of the church.
  3. Enter the amount you want to pay.
  4. You will be asked to enter your Pin Code (make sure you keep this protected).
  5. Payment made – like magic.


  1. If for DEDICATED GIVING, please use reference “DG N. SURNAME”
  2. If for any OTHER payment, please use reference “N. SURNAME xxxxxx”, where “xxxxxx” is for Offertory, Donation, Easter, Pentecost, Spring2020, Anonymous, etc.

Please ensure you send our bookkeeper an e-mail ( confirming your payment with reference.​

Donate securely online by scanning:

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Dedicated Giving

St George’s is totally funded by its parishioners and also contributes generously to the finances of the Diocese of Johannesburg. Its expenses are significant, and include salaries for staff and clergy, maintenance of its historic and old buildings as well as significant outreach programmes. Obviously, careful budgeting and financial planning is essential which is why we encourage parishioners to commit to monthly giving. These dedicatedgiving pledges are made during July each year, and represent our individual commitments to supporting the church’s work and witness. Making this commitment should be seen as a spiritual discipline as much as anything else, the outward sign of our intention to include
God’s work in our day-to-day lives. Dedicated-giving pledges also enables the parish council to plan properly and provides the stability needed to ensure we can undertake long-term projects.

Dedicated giving is an important portfolio within the governing structure of the parish.

Read the latest communication from the Director of Dedicated Giving.
Download a form and pledge yourself to dedicated giving.
Questions? Contact the Director of Dedicated Giving.