Installation of disability toilet at St George’s


Will you help us to install a disability toilet at St George’s by help sponsoring this project?

We have realized over the last few years that one of the shortcomings in St Georg’s facilities is that the toilets are difficult to access for those in wheelchairs, scooters, and for those struggling to climb stairs. We have built a ramp that makes entry easier to the church, but we need to extend ease of access to the toilets. The plan is to build a disability toilet next to the hall with an extra ramp. The parish has consulted with the Parktown Heritage Society, and all work will be done in consideration of the architectural heritage.

The toilet will be gender neutral and include a baby changing station. The project which will include remodeling of the offices on the ground floor and the necessary plumbing will cost approximately R250, 000. Building costs have exponentially increased since the pandemic, but this is a project by which we can offer care and inclusivity to those less abled. If you would like to donate towards this project, you can pay it into St George’s bank account, using the reference “disability toilet.” Plans and details of the project are available on request. Your support will be greatly appreciated.

Parish Council of St George’s

March 2023