Baptisms take place four times a year during the 09h00 service. Preparation classes are run  by our youth pastor when  parents and Godparents look at what raising a child in a Christian home entails,  as well as the stages of faith a child will go through. The questions that may come up are explored and the promises that parents and Godparents will be making on behalf of the children are also discussed.

Admission to Communion

Admission to Communion takes place once a year – this is an important stage in the foundation of a child’s journey in their faith. Children six years and older are taken through a seven-week course where they are taught about the sequence of the Eucharist, the colours of the church, why we do certain rituals during the service and why we take the Eucharist at every service.


Confirmation is the time when a person who is baptised goes through a course where they explore their faith. It is a time to question what they believe before they stand and make a public declaration of their choice to be an adult in the church. Confirmation starts at the age of sixteen.

God-Ed (Sunday school)

Our philosophy is to create a space that is safe and fun where children from age three to high school, learn about God, the Bible and their faith. We follow the curriculum that is written and provided by a team from the Diocese of Johannesburg. The curriculum tries to follow the lectionary which, allows for parents and children to be hearing the same Bible readings. This allows a space for parents and children to have discussions. God-Ed takes place during the 09h00 service. 

Ever Presence (University group)

Ever Presence is a group of university students who meet after the 09h00 service, where they have a time of discussion and fellowship. The aim of this group is to try and give students, especially those who are living in ‘res’, a sense of community and support. They are also being equipped in leadership and they take an active role in the various ministries at the church.


St George’s has had a long-standing relationship with Roedean. Our clergy and youth pastor often engage in services and other major school events. They are also involved in pastoral care for pupils, staff and parents of the school.

St Katherine’s

St George’s is also involved with St Katherine’s school for girls, visiting the school for certain services and events.